A Nonprofit Organization Helping Youth Achieve Their Goals

Our goal is to create a partnership with local organizations for youth whom are disadvantaged, aged out or have special needs and challenges. Working together provides a pathway to success through the creation of opportunities that fosters personal growth and development. BYMF along with our partners promote value creation, empowerment and confidence as the key drivers towards mental and physical independence.

Local Ambassador

BYMF ambassadors are dedicated individuals who support the growth and development of youth in partnership with local organizations. They provide personalized attention, facilitate group activities, and offer empathy and support to young individuals as they navigate their personal journeys. Ambassadors implement the foundation's curriculum and provide opportunities for growth and success, helping youth thrive. Through building meaningful relationships and creating a supportive environment, ambassadors play a crucial role in empowering youth to reach their full potential. It's a win-win-win scenario for our partner, youth, and BYMF.


We Find

We actively seek partnerships with local organizations that share common goals, values, and missions in supporting the youth we aim to serve. This collaborative approach allows us to amplify our impact and work together towards a shared vision. Currently operating in four different countries, we strive to connect and collaborate with organizations that align with our values and are dedicated to empowering and uplifting young individuals. By joining forces and pooling our resources, we can create a stronger support system and make a more significant difference in the lives of the youth we serve.

We Agree

We firmly believe in fostering a true partnership with the organizations we collaborate with. To ensure clarity and alignment, both parties enter into a signed agreement outlining the shared support, joint efforts, and collective outcomes we aim to achieve together. It is essential for us to establish specific intervals for measurement and evaluation, enabling us to hold each other accountable and stay committed to our respective missions. By regularly assessing our progress, we ensure that our partnership remains strong, effective, and focused on achieving our shared goals.

We Assign an Ambassador

As part of our partnership, BYMF takes the responsibility of assigning and compensating an Ambassador who serves as the key liaison between our two organizations. The Ambassador plays a crucial role in facilitating effective communication and collaboration, working closely with the leadership teams of both organizations. Their primary objective is to ensure that our shared mission is carried out in full accordance with the terms and objectives outlined in our partnership agreement. The Ambassador acts as a bridge, fostering strong relationships and ensuring that the partnership remains aligned and productive in achieving our mutually agreed-upon goals.

We Fund

As part of our commitment to supporting the youth, BYMF allocates funding to cover various aspects of our programs and initiatives, including the monthly wage for the Ambassador. In addition to the Ambassador's role, our funding extends to a range of opportunities and resources aimed at empowering and nurturing young individuals. Some of these include:

  • Mentors/Teachers: We provide resources to recruit and support mentors and teachers who play a vital role in guiding and educating the youth.
  • Learning Field Trips and Transportation: We facilitate educational field trips and ensure transportation arrangements for the youth to enhance their learning experiences beyond the classroom.
  • Career Shadowing and Mentoring: We offer opportunities for career shadowing and mentorship programs to expose the youth to various professional fields and guide them in their career exploration.
  • College Scholarships, Fees, and Books: We provide financial assistance, scholarships, and support for college-related expenses, including tuition fees and textbooks.
  • Middle School Rewards and Fees: We offer incentives and support for middle school students to recognize their achievements and cover any necessary fees associated with their education.
  • Social Enterprise: We invest in social enterprises, supporting their initiatives by covering expenses related to rent, construction, and other necessary operational costs.
  • Computers, Online Courses, and Training: We provide access to computers, online courses, and training programs to equip the youth with digital literacy skills and expand their educational opportunities.

Through our funding efforts, we aim to create an enabling environment where youth can thrive, access quality education, explore career pathways, and develop the necessary skills for their future success.

We Participate

BYMF maintains regular and direct communication with our partners, both through direct channels and via our dedicated Ambassador. We recognize the importance of establishing clear milestones for every aspect of our relationship. Setting these milestones allows us to track progress, measure the impact of our joint efforts, and ensure that we are working towards our shared goals.

Accountability is a fundamental principle that we uphold in our partnership. We hold ourselves and our partners accountable for meeting these milestones and delivering on our commitments. This mutual accountability ensures that we are actively working towards the betterment of the youth we serve, honoring the support and trust of our donors, and advancing the missions of our respective organizations.

By maintaining open lines of communication, setting measurable milestones, and holding each other accountable, we strive to create a strong and effective partnership that benefits the youth, fulfills the aspirations of our donors, and contributes to the success of our organizations.


The smiles and achievements of the youth we serve are a constant source of inspiration for BYM. They bring joy and motivate both our dedicated team and generous donors. We are committed to making a tangible impact, and as such, we actively seek measurable results in all aspects of our mission. Accountability is a core value for us, and we hold ourselves responsible for delivering on our promises and fulfilling our organization's goals.

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