Meet Our Passionate Champions for The Youth

  • Phil Chavez
  • Victoria Hunter
  • Mitch Vander Vegt
  • Linda Ekblad

Phil Chavez

Phil is originally from Denver, Colorado and now resides in Carlsbad, California with his wife Victoria and four children. Growing up 3rd generation Colorado native, his early years found him working by his dad’s side with various businesses. After college his career opened towards telecommunications which has evolved over the years into technology. He has held numerous Director and Executive level positions throughout his 40-year career including endeavors in mergers and acquisitions. Phil has been actively involved in various organizations most notably National Council of La Raza and Greater San Diego Minority Business and Purchasing Council. In his personal life he has always been active with his children’s lives and their sports, which put him in a position to serve as Chairman and President of the Carlsbad Defenders Baseball Club plus coach for over 10 years on various baseball clubs across Southern California. His passion and devotion are to his family, and it’s a blessing that BYMF will be a legacy while building success for youth to become their absolute best!

Victoria Hunter

Victoria was born and raised in Hawaii until the age of 22 when she moved to San Diego, California. As a kamaaina of the island, she grew up with strong values and an appreciation for the many cultures and diversification of Hawaii. The love of all sports has kept her active throughout her entire life, although watersports and horses are the most fulfilling. Her career path led her to interior design and home building where she has spent over 40 years in the industry servicing clients. It’s been extremely rewarding, and she continues to thrive. She is happily married to Phil and shares their 4 children together as a blended family, which is an absolute joy. Within her life, it has always been clear to give back, help others in need, and when you leave this world…leave it in a better place. BYMF is that journey to just that; one step, one day and one person at a time.

Linda Ekblad

When I was a child, I witnessed a bus accident and found myself running toward it. My first reaction – “DO SOMETHING!” I was five. That remains my call…but I have added a few words, ‘Do Something or Don’t Worry or Complain.’

Linda Ekblad lives in Westminster, Colorado with an incredible partner Roy. Together they have 5 adult children and 5 grandchildren, 4 boys and 1 girl. She enjoys family, friends, salsa dancing, books, the outdoors, and travel… exactly in that order. When Linda heard about Beloved Youth Moving Forward she was thrilled to DO SOMETHING, because her 18 years of experience in social services taught her that homeless, neglected teenagers often don’t receive the attention or the funding that similar children's programs receive.

Linda’s Degrees of Life:
Though she doesn’t have a degree on her wall, she has something even better- Life Experience Her Way!
She attended Colorado State University for 3 years all while working and volunteering as a Sexual Assault Victims Advocate; developed and managed an in-school Hispanic Youth on Youth Mentoring Program; and was Program Manager of First Call Information and Referral Line; Volunteer Director of Larimer County. Eventually, it led to her ideal position as United Way of Larimer County’s Northwestern Colorado 211 Program Director. A mouthful yes, but she enthusiastically jumped out of bed in the morning ready to be effective… and was paid for it! She is now retired but still ready to DO SOMETHING and BYMF's logical, heartfelt, and laser-focused efforts has her attention to run towards it. Especially since she has been volunteering for years and involved with a similar group in South Africa.