Projects for Our Partner Youth Foundations and More

When we first met Sandra there was an instant connection and desire to partner with her. There were several needs and we jumped right in! Our journey with her and her children have had an incredible impact on us personally and it's forever changed us. Our commitment is to always listen to her needs, give guidance and support whenever there are opportunities we can fulfill. BYMF is blessed to partner with Maestra leading the way with her group!

  • The Casa Family attends public school, however there was a need for the older children to access lap top computers and the internet. BYMF partnered with Golden Key Group who graciously donated 9 Surfaces to the teens, while BYMF brought into the home and paid for a year of internet to advance the kids explorative resources and expose them to a world of opportunities.
  • Maestra also has certified teacher volunteers who assist the children with their respective learning curriculum as defined by the public school sector. BYMF is under construction to add value for the teen group of 11-18 year old's with supplement programs. These on line courses are designed to teach positive life skills, financial literacy, and career building. We believe these are crucial factors in building strong, healthy youth to become successful young adults.


We collaborated and identified the areas she needed help to get the business back up and running. BYMF targeted the areas that were necessary to bring the building up to industry standards. We added new stainless steel kitchen counters for health and safety and mentored with our business knowledge how to successfully run the restaurant. Reorganizing staff and training for P&L were part of the business plan, along with financial support until they were able to get fully profitable within a few short months!

Since then, we are on to other business ventures with her to continue building more financial freedom to assure years of sustaining her future with her Mission for her children.

Casa Hogar

Maestra Sandra Martinez is the founder of Casa Hogar Irekani. Her love of children along with personal philosophies, the gift of teaching and theology are all at the core of her foundation and long standing success spanning over 25 years. Maestra is the matriarch and guiding light where she instills a culture of family, caring and grace between her staff of volunteers and the children who live at the casa.

Girls Becoming

Turning a recycling program into a business.
Creating a donation center to convert to a pop-up retail store.

Taco Verde

Maestra Sandra Martinez, head of Casa Hogar Irekani instills a healthy environment with her children which includes eating vegan. She also had an idea to start a business to help sustain her home from needing to rely solely from the help of donations of "in kind" since the government of Mexico doesn't offer assistance for orphanages or non-profit organizations. She decided to open a small Vegan taqueria but struggled with the operations and keeping it profitable. With Covid she was forced to shut it down.