Our Most Recent Project For Children in Mexico

Beloved Youth Moving Forward (BYMF) supports various organizations that help children. One of these is Casa Hogar.

For over 20 years, the Casa has been instilling a culture of family, caring, and grace in youth. We have partnered with them to support their programs in Mexico.

Our Project for the Children’s Home

BYMF aided the expansion of the boy’s wing in the children’s home. We also assisted in their media center and opening of a self-sustaining restaurant. We hope that the restaurant can help offset costs from personal donations.

The People Behind Casa Hogar

Maestra Sandra Martinez is the matriarch and guiding light of the foundation. Her love for the children, coupled with her philosophies, teaching, and theology, are the core of the Casa’s long-standing success.

Of course, the Casa is also fortunate to have their daily volunteers. These compassionate people facilitate their programs and oversee children.

Children’s Activities

Attending School

Mainstream School in Morelia is for all children, so the Casa Family attends public school.

Home Study After-School Programs

The Casa has certified teacher volunteers who assist children of all ages with their respective learning curricula as defined by the public school sector. They also assist our organization in conducting our specialized programs.

Musical Instrument and Choir Instruction

Many organizations donate to the foundation to support children who are taking musical courses. They also sponsor events so children can showcase their talents by performing or singing in Morelia.

Family Support

As their name already suggests, the Casa is a family home. Everyone helps with the daily chores, such as cleaning, washing laundry, maintaining their rooms, or simply watching out for each other. The children form a tight-knit and loving family unit.

Interested in Helping Casa Hogar?

Send us a message today. You can ask questions about the foundation, our projects, or volunteer opportunities. We would love to hear from you soon!